Ann Pettifor


On Tectonic Plates, the Economic System and the Economics Profession

It is my view that the greatest weakness of economics is the habit of drawing, or encouraging politicians to draw, macroeconomic conclusions from microeconomic reasoning (“the government budget, like a household budget, must balance”). This weakness is endemic within the profession. It is caused by the deliberate neglect of macroeconomics, including shameful neglect of Keynes’s …

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My tour of Australia – with the SEARCH Foundation

Read about my speaking tour of Australia below – from the SEARCH Foundation: The SEARCH Foundation is currently touring eminent British economist and author Ann Pettifor around Australia and she is visiting our shores with a warning; the GFC inducing credit crunch is not over and Australia’s banking sector is vulnerable. Ms Pettifor is visiting …

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Financing the Green Transition – why we can afford it

Last month I gave a ‘Green Talk‘ in Bristol, organised by Climate Works. It was wonderful to be, first of all at such a professionally and well organised event (congrats to Mark Letcher and his team). It was also fantastic to be amongst such an interesting array of speakers including John Gapper ‘the secret gardener’ …

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Is carbon telling us something…..?

More from the World Forum on Enteprise and the Envirionment. Professor Kathy Willis says (and I paraphrase crudely) that increased carbon emissions may not necessarily lead to desertification as widely predicted, but may instead lead to more ‘woody cover’ i.e. forests in e.g. the world’s tropical areas… Her evidence is quite convincing, drawing on previous …

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Birds are telling us something….

Listening to Dr Simon Stuartof  IUCN – Species Survival Commission… has great slides, which hopefully will be on the website. Tracking birds as biodiversity indicator, measuring extinction..Notes significant and largely irreversible extinction trends..Amphibians, rapid decline..reef-forming corals, the most threatened… Sturgeons, Cycads, Sharks and rays….mangroves… State of biodiversity going down, pressure on biodiversity going up, our …

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