Ann Pettifor

My new commercial venture: radical, clean, decentralised energy for UK communities

At a time when Britain and Europe are experiencing a dire energy crisis, and in what is a new direction for me, I have joined A-Deus, an innovative, community- based clean energy company as chair of the board of directors. I have done so for a number of reasons. It is clear that if the …

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Reclaiming Central Banks

  This article first appeared on the Project Syndicate website on 21st September, 2021 Fifty years ago, a US president closed the gold window, ended capital controls, and launched a new era of globalized finance. The “Nixon Shock” reshaped the international monetary system overnight, and then gradually changed the status of central bankers. Instead of acting as …

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Industrial Policy’s Comeback?

  This is my comment on a major article on Industrial Policy in the Boston Review, published in September, 2021. The leading article was by Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Rainer Kattel and Josh Ryan-Collins. In their well-executed argument for a new approach to economic policy, Mazzucato, Kattel, and Ryan-Collins spell out how governments could develop an industrial policy to shape …

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For the Age of Economics podcast: The International Financial System

The objectives of this project, The Age of Economics, are to shed light on the most salient challenges facing human civilization, explore the role of economics and the inner workings of capitalism, and heighten people’s awareness of both the economic system in which they live and work, and the role of economics in understanding this ever-changing system.

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