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Building from ground zero: Doing business in disaster zones

A review of Richard Davies’s EXTREME ECONOMIES Survival, failure, future – lessons from the world’s limits 416pp. Bantam. £20 (paperback, £9.99). Published in the Times Literary Supplement, 17 April, 2020. Economists are beginning to worry over what comes after Covid-19. The pandemic is having a devastating impact on the global economy, and many expect a […]

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The Production of Money

  Zoe Williams, Guardian: “Coolly authoritative, soberly trenchant, unexpectedly compelling, Ann Pettifor’s book is vital in both senses, important and full of life.” Charles Goodhart, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics: “Pettifor has a splendidly clear vision, both of money creation and of the role of banks. There is a great deal to applaud here,

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The Coming First World Debt Crisis

Ann Pettifor has been synonymous with the issue of cancelling third world debt. In this book, written in 2005 and published in September, 2006, she turned her attention from the debt crises of low-income countries to the ballooning debts of the rich, or ‘first world’ countries. The book highlighted threats posed by high levels of

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Real World Economic Outlook

The Real World Economic Outlook was published in 2003, and was intended as an antidote to the IMF’s annual World Economic Outlook. It was edited by Ann Pettifor, and published by the New Economics Foundation (London), in collaboration with Palgrave MacMillan. Contributors include Romilly Greenhill, Pat Conaty, Joseph Stiglitz, Andrew Simms, Erinc Yeldan, Franklin Serrano,

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