Ann Pettifor


Is carbon telling us something…..?

More from the World Forum on Enteprise and the Envirionment. Professor Kathy Willis says (and I paraphrase crudely) that increased carbon emissions may not necessarily lead to desertification as widely predicted, but may instead lead to more ‘woody cover’ i.e. forests in e.g. the world’s tropical areas… Her evidence is quite convincing, drawing on previous

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Birds are telling us something….

Listening to Dr Simon Stuartof  IUCN – Species Survival Commission… has great slides, which hopefully will be on the website. Tracking birds as biodiversity indicator, measuring extinction..Notes significant and largely irreversible extinction trends..Amphibians, rapid decline..reef-forming corals, the most threatened… Sturgeons, Cycads, Sharks and rays….mangroves… State of biodiversity going down, pressure on biodiversity going up, our

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