Ann Pettifor


A Reckless Economic Experiment

  The following article appeared in the Church Times on 20 September, 2018 “The Government is unprepared for a hard Brexit, says Ann Pettifor. The financial impact could be devastating” The Brexit referendum provided conclusive evidence that economics is inherently political. There was nothing scientific about any of the campaign promises or economic forecasts. Instead, …

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Why the Left Must Lead Britain Away From Brexit

  This was published on the PRIME site on the 25th February, 2018. Britain is led today by deeply divided political parties. Our leaders have many policies, but no inspiring vision for Britain’s future – either within, or outside the EU. As President Roosevelt once famously said: “where there is no vision, the people perish”. …

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OXFAM, Corbyn and A Dead Cat

  Early in February, a leading Brexiteer MP (Jacob Rees-Mogg MP) delivered a Daily Express petition to No 10 calling for an end to “foreign aid madness” – an event that gathered virtually no publicity. Why should it have? Jacob Rees-Mogg knows very little, and cares less about international development. The story died. A new …

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How to Weather the Brexit Storm? Focus Less on trade, More on Investment

This article was first published on the Prospect magazine website on 15th October 2017 “Strong and stable” seems of a world so far, far away. Yesterday’s Daily Mail headline “PM slaps treacherous Chancellor down” portrays a government in political chaos. Thanks to open, unresolved intra-Brexiteer warfare, ministers are unable to agree the basics of how to exit …

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