Ann Pettifor

Political economist, author and public speaker

Billionaires & the pandemic: in happy alignment

There are two global forces positively thriving – despite today’s crises. They are the lethal coronavirus and the world’s billionaires – engaged in a form of ‘co-production’. Why are they thriving? And why do their interests align so happily? The ‘interests’ of a lethal virus are clear. The microbe’s supreme ambition is to spread as …

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Back to normality? For the economies of central Europe?

A conference organised by Euromoney: Which economic, political and behavioural responses to the pandemic can’t be un-invented? And which were temporary?
• Paying the bill. How much debt have governments take on? will they ever be able to repay? Should we worry?
• Rethinking the social contract: will covid-austerity cause populism 2.0?

Moderator: Christopher Garnett, Senior Advisor, GlobalCapital Events
Speakers: Peter Brezinschek, Chief Analyst, Raiffeisen Bank International
Gilles Moëc, Chief Economist and Head of Research at AXA IM, AXA Group
Ann Pettifor, Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics, Prime Economics
Debora Revoltella, Director, Economics Department, European Investment Bank (EIB)
Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist and Strategist, Schroders Investment Management

US gifts Wall St. the Green New Deal

  Last week the Biden team delivered their first press conference on the Democrat’s much-anticipated Climate Plan. The good news is that Climate Envoy, John Kerry and Advisor, Gina McCarthy are talking about the Climate Plan delivering “Good paying Union Jobs”. All hail to that ambition. The bad news is that this ain’t no Rooseveltian …

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COP26: System change to sustain life on earth

The UN’s conference takes place in November 2021and will be led by the British government. It is apparently committed to “uniting the world to tackle climate change”. It needs to achieve far more. To tackle climate change and protect the ecosystem that sustains life on earth, we need to do more than just bring down …

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Review: Trade Wars are Class Wars

The following review appeared in the Times Literary Supplement on 6th January, 2021. Trade Wars are Class Wars presents an eagle-eyed perspective on the global economy, underpinned by close analysis and a remarkable clarity of exposition. The book is a terrific survey of the forces behind today’s global trade tensions and imbalances – even if …

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