Ann Pettifor

Birds are telling us something….

Listening to Dr Simon Stuartof  IUCN – Species Survival Commission… has great slides, which hopefully will be on the website. Tracking birds as biodiversity indicator, measuring extinction..Notes significant and largely irreversible extinction trends..Amphibians, rapid decline..reef-forming corals, the most threatened… Sturgeons, Cycads, Sharks and rays….mangroves…

State of biodiversity going down, pressure on biodiversity going up, our reaction: going down….

Good news: without conservation impact would have been worse (but not a lot better!) for birds and for mammals…but not for amphibians….”no time to go into reasons for latter.”

Biodiversity indices are now being used for MDG 7…for 2020 targets. increasing global coverage of biodiversity indices and reducing biases…but huge challenge in monitoring at global level: most datasets put together for other purposes…without a data collection system behind them, not much use….

No evidence yet of serious policy changes based on the finding of biodiversity indices….So evidence does not seem yet, to encourage action…May that be because effective communication does not span evidence and action?

Chinese Professor Zhiyun, Director, Key Lab of  Systems Ecology for Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is asked: What is China doing about rising consumption of e.g. meat?…Responds about wildlife facing extinction….

This is the link to the Bank for Natural Capital provided by Dr. Trista Patterson…and also @teeb4me on Twitter.  Love this video: Your Invoice; ‘Mother Nature here….here’s your invoice.”


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