Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor in New Zealand on the financialised economy


Ann Pettifor recently travelled to New Zealand at the invitation of Professor Ian Shirley of The Policy Observatory  and Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack at Auckland University of Technology, and also Mike Smith of the New Zealand Fabian Society. She spent 10 days delivering public lectures on economics in Wellington and Auckland.

In one of her media interviews Ann spoke to the formidable and highly regarded Kathryn Ryan, host of Nine to Noon on Radio NZ about the current state of New Zealand’s bubbling economy and mainstream economics. Ann argued that increasingly we are transforming our economies into rent-seeking centres that rely on offshore and mobile finance. Listen to the full programme here.

In another interview Ann spoke to Paul Henry of the daily TV show Newshub about how central banks, including New Zealand’s Reserve Bank, are ‘sitting on their hands’ while their economies blow up asset bubbles that are unsustainable. Watch her give a ‘report card’ on the current global financial situation here.

Ann also addressed the Fabian society on the Green New Deal. Thanks to the Fabian Society the full video and presentation can be found here.

On her final day in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city (‘the coolest little capital in the world’), Ann addressed a packed meeting at the New Zealand Treasury on the global implications of the production of money by commercial bankers.




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