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The road to recovery or an Alice in Wongaland economy?

Alice in Wongaland











Photo source: Nicholas Jones via Flickr

Is Britain’s economy once again plunging down a metaphorical rabbit hole into the fantasy world of easy (if dear) money, easy shopping and a re-inflated housing bubble? This was the question I tried to address on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in August, when I expressed concern that we might be turning into an “Alice in Wongaland” economy.

The Guardian subsequently asked me to write this piece. Feedback came immediately from the Telegraph and while Jeremy Warner did not agree with me, Carl Packman from the New Statesman supported my argument –  just as many readers of the Guardian did. Alice may be stuck down this hole for a long time yet!


1 thought on “The road to recovery or an Alice in Wongaland economy?”

  1. Good piece, Ann. But you need to fix the links in the final paragraph. All but the first are missing a colon after the http and as a result only the first link works.

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