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E-petition into banks’ wrongdoing – now open for signing on government website

The E-petition is already up on the government website and ready for signing – click here to access it.

I hope that debtonation readers and followers who share my view that a full-scale judicial public inquiry is now urgently required will not only sign up, but encourage friends and colleagues to do so.

Finally, my apologies to the government website people – in my last post I said “government websites do not move rapidly” – but this time they did!


2 thoughts on “E-petition into banks’ wrongdoing – now open for signing on government website”

  1. There are hundreds of elderly, retired victims of Luxembourg bred fraud,manipulation of figures, from Luxembourg Banks protected by Luxembourg laws which protect the banks and rob the consumer.
    Look at the horror of the hundreds of victims whose homes are being seized as they are being blackmailed into dropping the Criminal Cases lodged against such banks as Landsbanki Luxembourg,Danske Bank Luxembourg, Rothschild Luxembourg and many others protected by this Banksters Haven.
    Please look into the terrible cases of abuse against these elderly victims of fraud and the cruel treatment they have been subjected to.
    These people are mostly British .
    The government allows Luxembourg to remain Bankster land as it is their looting paradise.

  2. Disgraceful how can this be allowed surely there are procedures in place to protect these poor people. It seems amazing that so many can be caught up in this. Is anyone trying to help them ?

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