Ann Pettifor

The French goose and the Greek gander

What’s good for the French democratic Goose it appears, is not applicable to the Greek democratic gander….

From the Financial Times of 13 February, 2012:

“The main opposition candidate for the French presidency has spelt out his intention to reopen discussions on the new European treaty with all signatory countries if he wins the election, a move that would throw into doubt the results of months of negotiations by his opponent Nicolas Sarkozy and the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

“In France the treaty is ratified by parliament, not the head of state … We have a window of opportunity [to renegotiate],” (Françoise Hollande)  said.

From Reuters today:

“Having secured parliamentary approval against a backdrop of violent protest across Greece, Athens must ……produce written commitments from the main party leaders that they will stick to the programme before and after elections which could come as soon as April.”



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