Ann Pettifor

What future for Capitalism? – Ann on Al Jazeera

6th March 2010

Ann joins Joseph Stiglitz, Tariq Ali and Ruth Lea on Al Jazeera’s “Empire


2 thoughts on “What future for Capitalism? – Ann on Al Jazeera”

  1. An interesting programme, although still too short of suggestions for the specific actions that government should take (beyond the idea

    of “chapter 11” for American home-owners.)

    I nearly fell off my perch when I heard Ruth Lea saying that regulation in the past had been

    poor, and calling for tighter regulation in the future.

    She was one of the cheerleaders for unfettered capitalism in the bubble years and as

    “Chief Economist” of Lehman Brothers.

    Her career should have been wound up along with that casino bank or at least she should have the

    good grace to keep quiet now.

  2. the.Duke.of.URL

    Ann, It was a fascinating program. I agree with David Williams about Ruth Lea. I thought she was dreadful. You and Tariq Ali had the

    most useful things to say. Joe was a disappointment, as is his book.

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