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Pre-budget report: Five expert views in the Guardian

24th November 2008

This morning 5 of us were asked to comment ahead of Alistair Darling’s pre-budget report. In it I call for the Bank of England to lower interest rates across the board. Read all of the recommendations here.


2 thoughts on “Pre-budget report: Five expert views in the Guardian”

  1. Martin,great does this mean the banks then become landlords and thus actually have to manage some ‘real’ estate and be responsible

    for some real management of real stock. I like the muslim concept of banks being joint shareholders in whatever enterprise they lend money for. The

    recipient of the money simply gains increasing share of the enterprise as repayments are made.
    Without such responsibilities the banks remain

    mere usurers. I dont believe the proping up the banks is doing other then restoring the system (if it works) that gave us the problem. At least the

    British now have a legal share in the banks so they if the banks are rejuvenated they too recive a dividend. As I see it much of the prop up money

    is a straight steal from the public purse.

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