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Al Jazeera: Panel discussion on the global financial crisis

Al Jazeera: 19th November 2008

On Wed. Riz Khan hosted a discussion on the financial crisis. I was surprised to disagree with economist and panelist James Galbraith over why it is that IOUs (or debt) issued by the Federal Reserve replaced gold as the world’s reserve asset. Watch the discussion on Al Jazeera’s site here.


2 thoughts on “Al Jazeera: Panel discussion on the global financial crisis”

  1. Great and very informative debate.

    Good to see a bit of TV where they didn’t have “balance” – ie one guy who got it wrong and

    one guy who got it right. Instead – two guys (or gals) who got it right. Somehow, you’ve got something much more worthwhile to give – and there

    wasn’t any of the usual obscufation and technical mumbling you get from people who got it all wrong.

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