Ann Pettifor


Sacrificing the economy on the cross of inflation

The Commentariat are spooking themselves themselves with ‘frightmares’ about the “spectre of inflation”. The charge is led by the BBC’s economics team with Hugh Pym warning in his News At 10 report (17th June) that inflation was “haunting the economy….” . Tonight Michael Crick of Newsnight piled on the horror by flashing images of the …

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Jolly rich from the rich

The Economist’s latest supplement (15 May 2008) on ‘modern finance under attack’ dubs the finance sector’s critics ‘Barbarians at the vault’. The magazine’s leader writers are confident of their analysis and unequivocal: “Bubbles, excess and calamity are part of the package of Western finance. And still it is worth it.” In the same issue writers …

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Finance sector a ‘monster’ says ex head of IMF

by Ann Pettifor, 22nd May, 2008. There has been much huffing and puffing in the financial media about Horst Kohler’s comments that financial markets have become “a monster” that must “be put back in its place”. The German president who was MD of the IMF from 2000-2004, compared bankers with alchemists who were responsible for …

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Globalisation: sleepwalking to disaster

By Ann Pettifor,  Open Democracy, 11th December, 2007 On 9 August 2007, globalisation’s rickety financial levees were broken by a storm-surge of debt, invisible to most punters, but scary enough to frighten bankers. This debt includes highly leveraged corporate debt traded on secondary markets, household mortgages, credit-card debts, car loans and other substantial outlays. But …

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