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Tobin Tax

Why building more houses will not solve the housing crisis

I wrote a piece for the Saturday (26 January 2018) Guardian. Its been described by many as “counter-intuitive” – because in it I draw on the research of others (notably that of Ian Mulheirn – director of consulting at Oxford Economics)  to argue that building more houses will not dampen house prices. I posed this …

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Labour must never again be captive to bankers

The following is the text of a speech to a joint meeting of the Christian Socialist Movement and the Co-op party on Tuesday 27th September, by Ann Pettifor, director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), co-author of “The Green New Deal” and a fellow of the new economics foundation. “I have just returned from a …

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The ‘Robin Hood Tax’

10th February 2010 I have a comment in todays Guardian on the new campaign on the Tobin Tax – the ‘Robin Hood Tax’. Click here to read the whole article: Ann Pettifor: “The proposed currency transaction tax (CTT) represents the tiniest grain of sand in the wheels of global, mobile capital, and places very little …

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The Tobin Tax: Newsnight discussion

11th December 2009 Last night I appeared on Newsnight alongside American Economist Martin Bailey discussing the much lambasted Tobin Tax. Click here or on the link below to watch the whole episode on BBC iPlayer (the Tobin Tax discussion begins at 15.00 mins in).