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Why I want to be a Labour candidate

17th January, 2009. This was posted on the Compass site on the 16th January. I am shortlisted for the North West Durham Parliamentary Selection. A less likely candidate you would be hard pressed to find. I am not a local big wig and did not grow up in the constituency. I don’t have the backing …

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Are the bond markets and rating agencies to be feared?

5th January, 2010 There has been much sturm and drang generated by the Guardian and others on the threat posed to government finances by the flawed and often irrational rating agencies, and by the supposedly despotic, vengeful and greedy bond markets. Methinks they protest too much. We at the Green New Deal group have long …

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York Minster EBOR lecture

12th December 2009 At the end of last month I delivered the prestigious EBOR lecture at York. My address was entitled: “Credit, usury and political power: chasing the moneylenders from the temple that is our democracy” Click on the link below to read a PDF version of the full lecture: EBOR Lecture November 25th (PDF)

Green New Deal – ‘The Cuts won’t work’ report is published.

7th December, 2009 This is the press release from the new economics foundation: “Two days ahead of the pre-budget report, and as the UN climate change talks open in Copenhagen – the second report from the authors of the original Green New Deal argues that the British Chancellor is likely to miss a historic opportunity …

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Times: Worst of slump yet to come, says economist

Article Published in the Times, September 1st 2009. Photo by Jon Enoch. Ann Pettifor predicted a painful end to the good times. Now she says that only radical action can prevent further gloom Phil Thornton Ann Pettifor is a member of a select club — the seers who saw it all coming. Now the economist, …

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Green New Deal in Guardian

Ann Pettifor: 6th January, 2009, 08.00AM A thumbs-up for the great work we (me and my mates, Colin Hines, Andrew Simms, Richard Murphy etc. ) did on the Green New Deal in an editorial in today’s Guardian discussing green new jobs, plus how to reconcile environmental sustainability with providing a cushion in a recession.

Green New Deal in the news

15th December, 2008 Last week there were several media pieces that mentioned the Green New Deal, including The Times, The Observer, and The Independent on Sunday. Also, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has followed his colleagues at UNEP in calling for a Green New Deal. You can also read nef’s Green New Deal Round-up here.

De-leveraging climate temp. & mortgage debt

11th October, 2008. I have had an extraordinary day today, at an event in Bristol organised by the Schumacher Society.  Fritz Schumacher – of Small is Beautiful fame – died in 1977, and the Society was formed just thirty years ago, in 1978.  Today’s event was hosted by Diana Schumacher and Jonathon Porritt.  I was honoured to …

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