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The Tobin Tax: Newsnight discussion

11th December 2009

Last night I appeared on Newsnight alongside American Economist Martin Bailey discussing the much lambasted Tobin Tax. Click here or on the link below to watch the whole episode on BBC iPlayer (the Tobin Tax discussion begins at 15.00 mins in).


3 thoughts on “The Tobin Tax: Newsnight discussion”

  1. I didn’t think you were allowed to say enough and that @#$% American banker was not stayed from interrupting you. He didn’t even

    provide any arguments, only the repeated iteration of prejudices/vested interests. More time was given over to what I think is the more trivial

    matter of MPs’ expenses, not that this issue is trivial in itself, just that what we do about the credit crisis is more important. Perhaps the

    closer we get to the possibility of a close/lost election, we will see a concentration of minds. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, if we don’t

    all hang together, we shall assuredly all hang separately.

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